Miu Miu Meets New Balance

By: Jordan Ross

Photo: Miu Miu

The word is out, or maybe just the shoes? Known to continuously introduce funky and sparkly embellishments on their footwear, this most recent Fashion Month, Miu Miu presented something new. Although best known for sticking to their own rhythm, despite other trends constantly arising, Miu Miu’s shoe wear is often what they’re best known for. More specifically, their ballerina slippers. However, onlookers at Miu Miu’s PFW Spring/Summer 2022 runway show were presented with something even more unique – a new collaboration.

Often, luxury powerhouses embrace brands alongside them. Such as recent collaborations like ‘Fendace’ that intertwined the mix of Fendi and Versace. Yet, Miu Miu’s route this year has been more ‘humbling’, working with brands like Levi’s and now, New Balance. 

Photos: Miu Miu Spring/Summer 2022 Looks 6 & 34

This new riveting collaboration has captured the eye of many. Most likely due to the equally combined elements from both brands. Miu Miu’s individual taste, meeting New Balance’s minimalist sporty style. And what has now been featured in two neutral tones, white and beige, which is typically not known from the history of Miu Miu that features pastels like pink and blue. These collaborative shoes also have additions of distressed detailing that pay tribute to Miu Miu’s quirky aesthetic, while keeping the iconic New Balance model style.

Fan or not, I think we can all admit this new ‘shoe candy’ will be a hit on the streets from the remarkable duo. However, the drop date for these cool sneaks has yet to be announced to excited supporters, but are of course anticipated around sometime in the Spring of 2022. 


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