The Essential Vegan Candle That’s Made for Your Body Too

By: Jordan Ross

Photo: Courtesy of Beach Bum Beauty Candles

After months and months of an overcast of repetitive trial and errors, that involved the process of sourcing out the perfect set of ingredients, Ashley Burgos, CEO and Founder of Beach Bum Beauty subsequently curated the essential candle that uniquely produces massage oil. Gingerly developing a safe, non-toxic, and vegan formula, fruitful towards all skin types. And more specifically, dry skin.

When it came to creating this line of candles, Burgos had no intentions on mirroring the same qualities as any other brand.

“Add a dash of luxury, a pinch of intimacy, and a whole lot of smell good” adds Burgos.

Unlike other candle brands, Burgos has generated over 24 different fragrances that all possess the qualities to initiate the wax pool of massage oil once lit up to 45 hours. Quintessentially, the hallmark of the BBB candles. While adding in that all of the brand’s work takes place in the USA. 

Photo: Courtesy of Beach Bum Beauty

Guided by the continued desire to differentiate her work, Burgos took full advantage of natural resources for the quality of her candles. Adding in such ingredients like almond oil, African shea butter, and coconut oil for her massage oil components. Along with 100% soy wax flakes, skin-safe fragrance oil, cotton lead-free wicks, and no dyes, to personify a healthy candle choice. And with the mixture of all these integrants, the grab-n-go BBB melted wax massage oil comes to be. Offering everlasting moisture and relaxation for hours. While of course not forgetting the sublime aroma each candle enthralls. 

Photo: Courtesy of Beach Bum Beauty


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