5 Instagram Looks By Christine Martinez You Should Try

By: Jordan Ross

Photo: Features Digital Creator Christine Martinez (@christine_oftherose)

It’s challenging not to come across the many Instagram users practicing their own style throughout timeline’s. Like the many millennials strutting y2k fashion with low cut jeans, pink accessories, and the ever so popular vintage luxury shoulder bags from Fendi to Coach. Or the frequent items caught on Instagram influencers such as halter tops in every color and style, and every and any clothing item designed in a mesh form. It’s safe to say you’ll find your muse. And for those whose mantra is being effortlessly ‘cool’, Christine Martinez is yours. 

Well-known on Instagram for envisioning calm, cool, and casual ‘fits’, Martinez shows her love for simplicity, (in addition to color) in each of her Instagram looks. More specifically, these 5 down below:


We all know a pop of color can change the whole mood of an outfit, and for this look, it elevated the moment. Martinez has many moments accompanied by hints of greens, oranges, and even more diverting, additions of patterns. Complimenting her classic sleeveless button-up, and straight legged denim that pays homage to the early 90s, are her short-heeled cowgirl boots that have an indefinite impact on fashion. These old-school western boots offer that pop of color in a distinctive way, drawing your attention to not just the boots, but the whole look itself.


Again, there’s nothing stopping Martinez from being as cool as she is. She take’s what seems so simple and renditions it. Obviously while still contributing in some color and patterns. In this look, she includes favorites like platform shoes and a quirky bucket bag, both of which are stand-out trends. Blending in her yellows and green that assuredly give that summer feeling, and highlight this look in several different aspects.


This follower favorite attire has swooped-in and made its mark since being posted on Martinez’s page around two-months ago. Undoubtedly due to this ecru colored, linen jumpsuit and idiosyncratic tote. While of course recognizing the touch of the button-up styled work shirt that can be paired with just about any and everything. This look markedly defined what Martinez’s style is, and why her following lionizes what she communicates through her outfits.


Undeniably the look that has a jaw-dropping effect, is this electric blue dress casted with the ever so popular cowgirl boots. For Martinez, this ensemble alone was a show stopper. Originating a style of how to spruce up a ‘typical’ dress, without stilettos being the answer. This dress not only lights up her feed, but follower’s eyes too. Even with her constant usage of color, this bright blue get-up left it’s own presence.


This common, but not so typical look from Martinez shows off one of the all-time favorites. A classic tee with denim jeans. Yet, with her touch, this go-to outfit has been upraised. With a retro inspired, puffed-sleeve top and denim that resembles 70s jean styles, with the infamous full front pockets. Martinez’s day-to-day wardrobe embodies what it means when ‘old meets new’. And this 5th look unquestionably evinces the nature of her aesthetic.


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