The Skincare Brand Rejuvenating All Skin Types With Just Two Simple Steps

By: Jordan Ross

For the everyday person, a skincare regimen may or may not be part of their daily routine. Especially for those constantly on-the-go. Yet, even with the most hectic AM or PM patterns, it’s evident that when ‘you look good, you feel good’. And it feels even greater when it has been simplified to two-steps. With Essentialist’s ‘Daily Renewal Facial Oil’ and ‘Guasha Tools’, you’ll thank yourself for giving this dynamic duo a chance.

Photo: Courtesy of Essentialist featuring the ‘Daily Renewal Facial Oil’

“Our ultra hydrating oil is packed with vitamins, nutrients, and essential fatty acids to keep skin healthy” Founder Madina Baxandall shares. Offering everything you need and more in each bottle. “Formulated with the microbiome in mind, this is a balanced oil that will not only nourish, but help to both protect and restore optimal skin function” she adds. Ultimately, this oil will give you the glow you’ve been craving, while keeping your skin fresh and clear. And the key detail? Its ability to be effective for all skin types- yes sensitive too.

Photo: Courtesy of Essentialist featuring the ‘Guasha Tools’

“Guasha was not originally intended for use on the face” Baxandall says. “It’s something of a modern adaptation, but if done properly (and regularly) it works!” This ancient Chinese medicine method is focused on ‘addressing stagnant energy, improving circulation, assisting lymphatic drainage’ and so much more.

Catering to all, the gorgeous agate Guasha tools and superb DRFO are a flawless combination to elevate your everyday routine, and offer you exactly what you need.




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