Sticking to its Roots, This Jewelry Brand is the One You Need to Know

By: Jordan Ross

Photo: Courtesy of Saeyri, featuring the ‘Bloom’ earrings

“The word Saeyri carries with it the romanticism of self-discovery. We love the way it sounds and embodies our brand” Co-Founder of Saeyri, Manasvi Bhatia Bhushan shares.

Rooted from an Urdu word meaning poetry, “we want Saeyri to be a self-expression, for both the maker and the wearer” Second Co-Founder Rujuta Shah states. An element so significantly essential when it comes to accessories, and more specifically, jewelry. Which fundamentally, completes a ‘look’.

Having both grown up in India, founders Manasvi and Rujuta of Saeyri have always had ‘jewels and adornments enmeshed within their culture, festivities, and rituals’. “In fact, we’ve nearly worn some form of jewelry all our lives!” Manasvi shares. Naturally creating this beautiful relationship between themselves and jewelry.

Photo: Courtesy of Saeyri, featuring the ‘Bamboo’ earrings

Although starting in the midst of Covid, Manasvi and Rujuta were driven by their passion and creativity, along with the combined support and encouragement from their community – patrons, supporters, and undoubtedly, other small businesses, to create Saeyri.

“For us, it started as and continues to be a labor of love” Rujuta shares.

Yearning to design and – create jewelry, the two pursued their shared interests, creating wearable art together, while paying homage to their native land. “We seek inspiration from Indian arts and crafts, nature and forms around us. We want our pieces to be connected to our motherland, India – through technique, inspiration, story, or craft.” Manasvi says. 

Photo: Courtesy of Saeyri, featuring the process of ‘Armor’ earrings

Much of Saeyri’s success is undoubtedly due to the skilled craftmanship performed on each and every jewelry piece, which is made in brass with 24K gold plating.

“Brass itself has a beautiful golden hue and is highly malleable – allowing beautiful forms to be created using hand forging techniques’” Rujuta shares. And beautiful forms they certainly do. Coming all the way from a small group of artisans in India, who have handcrafted all of Saeyri’s ‘impactful and timeless’ designs. “Each piece is handmade, with intention and attention to detail” Manasvi states. “We want to design jewelry that creates a beautiful balance between traditional techniques and contemporary design”.

“Our jewelry is unique and a statement in the truest sense” Rujuta adds.

Photo: Courtesy of Saeyri, features co-founder, Rujuta Shah
Photo: Courtesy of Saeyri, featuring other co-founder, Manasvi Bhatia Bhushan


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