Infamous Crochet is the New Luxury, Thanks to Brave of

By: Jordan Ross

Photo: Courtesy of Brave of, featuring two models in the ‘Zinerva and Donna Dresses’

Beige, white, and grey, have become staple colours for summer wear, and just about every other season too. And according to Brave of, a hint of pink doesn’t hurt either. This Marbella based brand is widening the image of crocheted items, from Spain to everywhere else.

“After such hard confinement, one day in Extremadura my mother undoes an old knitted garment and there the idea arises” Ester Cortes shares. Cortes’ sleek, crocheted items have resurfaced the love for yarn looks. Her work has showcased statement pieces that are nothing short of a ‘work of art’. And all while being homemade. “I take care of the design of the garments and direction of the signature” she says. “The production of the garments is carried out by my mother under request”. 

Photo: Courtesy of Brave of, featuring a model in the ‘Filippo Top’

“Give value to hand made, to the Spain brand, and the rise of the point” Cortes says. She is proud to know that her collections are different in several ways. Each item is different from the next, due to slow-fashion practices, adding the extra element of exclusivity to every single garment. “We provide a touch of originality in each collection that makes it different from what is currently on the market” She adds.

Cortes finds her connection to Spain to be something of great significance not only to who she is, but her brand too. Coming from a land where high-fashion is rivetingly posh, and fierce, Cortes is no stranger to ‘elegance’. Her crochet brand is profoundly brilliant, and undoubtedly luxurious.

Photo: Courtesy of Brave of, featuring a model in the ‘Zinerva Dress’ and ‘Dante Bikini”
Photo: Courtesy of Brave of, featuring the ‘Donato Bikini’


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