Femme Fragile: When the ‘Beauty of Life’ and Clothing Meet

Photo: Courtesy of Femme Fragile featuring a model in the ‘Art Studio Off-White’ Shirt

It’s nothing short of true, the divine love of finding a brand that’s story is just as great as their work. And to top it off, one that focuses on sustainability too. 

Redefining ‘fragility’ as being strong and powerful, Femme Fragile expresses how our inner selves can have significant effects on what we produce, and even what we wear. A factor so many of us can understand. 

Founders of Femme Fragile chose to develop a brand that nestles on believing “emotions and vulnerability are the purest ways of standing up for what you believe in”, which is undeniably true. During the curation of their clothing line, they reminded themselves to look-within first. Because not only do they hope to have their brand grow publicly, but mentally too.

Photo: Courtesy of Femme Fragile featuring two models in Femme Fragile attire

Assembling together both of their ‘personalities and principles’, overtime they pondered on how their shared values could be put to best use, which later started their clothing brand. “We wanted to create timeless items that outline (classic) statements combined with the current zeitgeist (think of shirts, crewnecks, and hoodies).” And despite their differences in hobbies, the duo manages to add elements from both their creative backgrounds into collections, adding the best of both worlds. 

“For us, the products have one main task: delivering a homage the wearer stands for”

Photo: Courtesy of Femme Fragile featuring the ‘Sturm & Drang’ Hoodie

On top of their optimistic goals and aspirations, Femme Fragile comforts consumers with their efforts to make their brand as sustainable as possible. “Seeing things from the perspective of a consumer, we challenged ourselves to find a supplier that fulfilled all requirements such as the origin & production of the fabrics/textiles and ensuring better working conditions as well as fair wages for their factory workers.” 

Recognizing the difficulties for clothing businesses, especially small businesses, production at times can inevitably be non-sustainable. Femme Fragile also shares that their perspective argues sustainability at times, further explaining it’s ‘almost too complicated to control every little step’. “But still, we believe that every effort small (fashion) businesses like ours make in terms of customer education on local sourcing, sustainable production and promoting fair wages can finally move the fashion behemoths in a certain direction.” 

Photo: Courtesy of Femme Fragile
Photo: Courtesy of Femme Fragile featuring the ‘Art Studio’ Sweatshirt

“We would like to say that our brand has a cool and relaxed vibe without trying too hard” they share. Femme Fragile strives to showcase diversity, adding that their pieces “are made for every type, it includes all shapes and sizes physically and mentally”, allowing the consumer to redefine Femme Fragile themselves. While also trusting that the ‘timeless’ effect reflects throughout their clothing pieces, making you never ever wanna let it go. 

Which is not a hard task for those a fan of the brand, specifically due to the details in collections  influenced from art throughout their hometown of London and their heritages. And what may be seen as most significant is the brands focus on making their items unisex. Reassuring that Femme Fragile is not meant to only represent a place for women, but for all pronouns. Referring to all their supporters as “Fragiles”. 

“It’s about building a community and creating awareness in respect to human relationships and emotional health in an artful way.”


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