Cindy Diaz of ‘The Healing Garden’ Shares Her Perspective on Holistic Living

Photo: Features Cindy Diaz, founder of The Healing Garden

 “I invite you to close your eyes and picture this. There is a balcony garden. This garden was designed to give people a space to forget about the things that burden them. The flowers bloom in a variety of colors and shapes, each flower beautiful in its own way. This is actually at the hospital I work at. This is where I feel free … free of judgement, anxiety, and fear. This is a place where I can be the most organic and unrefined version of myself.

As a registered nurse, I would be limited to IV’s and pain medication, as a means to help people. The truth is that doesn’t always work because that’s not our only story. We as humans experience inner conflict with our hearts and our mind, that manifests itself throughout our body. I wanted to find a way to replicate the feeling I get going to this garden, the feeling of peace and rejuvenation that we are always looking for. I wanted to cultivate a space where I could HEAL rather than help, from the inside out, and thus the Healing Garden was born.

The Healing Garden was created to inspire and introduce WOC to the realm of health and wellness. The focus is on holistic health, women’s wellness, and healing, all through the lens of a garden. Everyone has their own garden of dreams, thoughts, fears, and desires. This is a space to share stories, to educate one another, and experience sisterhood. A place to detach from the familiar and grow in new ways by “watering” your mind, body and spirit.”

-Cindy Diaz 

Abiding by natural resources rather than forcing a prescription, while also taking advantage of the power of healing from the inside, out. Cindy Diaz has dedicated herself to providing women of color with a safe place for healing with The Healing Garden. Study after study has shown that WOC are extremely likely to develop a mental illness due to systemic challenges and racial inequalities throughout their life experiences. 

Diaz’s work has brought forth the ability to mend pain with tips that are accessible to us all, some being ideas WOC may have never known they needed:



The first step to healing is letting go. Let go of any objects or clothes from your past that no longer serve you. Stagnant energy stays in these items. A cluttered space = a cluttered mind. Free up your space and add things such as plants or lights that promote clarity, growth, and prosperity. Here are some essentials!

  • Jade plant
  • Sunset lamp 
  • Diffuser 
  • Candles
  • Sage 


Our self esteem is the foundation that you grow on. An unsteady foundation makes it difficult to build. Affirmations reconstruct your self-esteem. They serve as reminders that you are perfect just the way you are. Write them on a sticky note and place it on your laptop/ wall. You can also download the “Eternal Sunshine” app for notifications to your phone. Lastly, you can listen to an affirmation podcast to start or end your day off right. These are some of my favorites…

“I am abundant

“I live in balance”

“I am worthy of peace”

“Fear and I do not occupy the same space”

“I am in perfect alignment with my highest self”


The American/ European diet lacks many nutrients and minerals that our bodies need to function. This causes fatigue, anxiety, depression, constipation, and a number of complex diseases. Taking the right supplements can help combat nutritional deficiencies and aid in feeding your soul. These vitamins have helped with my skin, gut health, energy levels and more!

Vitamin D  Hormone balance, mood, pain, inflammation and can help prevent anxiety and depression (a common deficiency)
Evening primrose       Hormone balance, glowing skin, and PMS  *HOLY GRAIL*
ProbioticsThe start to gut health, improves digestion, acne, infections, and UTIs
Liquid Chlorophyllnatural detoxifier/deodorizer, GREAT for skin and ph balance
Omega 3 Fatty Acids Anti inflammatory, helps support brain, gut, and heart health 


There is synergy that connects your mind and body. You get to know yourself. There are places in our bodies where we hold emotions, and those are usually the places with tension, tightness, and knots. Stretching these areas first thing in the morning for 15 min to relax your muscles and your mind. Feel free to use youtube as a guide. These poses promote liberation !

  • Cat-cow pose
  • Downward facing dog
  • Child’s pose
  • High mountain pose 
  • Lotus pose 


A written release is more powerful than we know. Our thoughts and emotions can keep us in fear and far away from our true potential. Writing promotes not only relaxation but it also gives you emotional resilience and discipline. You can track patterns in your mood. You can write daily prompts. You can do a brain dump of everything on your mind. You could simply write how you are feeling right now as you are reading this. These are some of my favorite prompts to prepare me for the world. 

“What can I let go of?”

“What are 3 things I am grateful for today?”

“What does my soul need today?

“How do I want to feel by the end of the day?”

“What is my body telling me today?”


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