The Love Hawaii Gave Me and Why It’s What I Needed

Photo Captured by Jordan Ross of SPICE Magazine

Before finding myself on Hawaiian soil, I had always dreamt of visiting the land. The purity of the grounds and how the state holds itself together, has always left me in awe. I could never help but adore it, which is why I had to plan my visit. 

Being lucky enough to discover more of this island first-hand was dreamy. There’s some locations in this world that you will never forget, and Hawaii will always be one of them for me. 

Photo Captured by Jordan Ross of SPICE Magazine

Expanding my horizons, visiting state after state, Hawaii by far stood out. The shadows from palm trees gracing the streets, the beautiful blue water blending with the sun, and the absolute beauty of Hawaiian Natives embracing all the greatness of their land, as they deserve to. It’s something so different from what I’ve grown up with in Jersey, and I admired it greatly. 

Looking into the past, I lost sight of the beauty within this life. I chose to ignore it, actually. I forced myself to disregard what life had to offer and I was being unfair to myself, convincing my mind I didn’t deserve it. Overtime all the negative energy within my soul had consumed me and of course, the past year was no help. However, the recent memories I made in Hawaii allowed me to forgive myself for this neglect, offering my mind, body, AND soul, another chance. While most importantly, becoming myself once again.

Photos Captured by Jordan Ross of SPICE Magazine

Throughout Hawaii, it felt as though the bond with nature came naturally to me, which is ironic due to my love for the city. Allowing myself to take a chance climbing the famous Diamond Head, and exploring gardens and beaches, it was all worth it.And I’ll continue to thank myself for not being afraid to enjoy it, and thankful that Hawaii gave me the opportunity to absorb it.

I believe what’s important throughout this month and every other month, is the focus on fear. Specifically, the fear of enjoying something so greatly that we’re unsure of how to prepare ourselves for when moments become rough once again. It may seem like a stretch of an example from my activities throughout the land, but Hawaii represents this perfectly for me. Learning that all dark times eventually pursue to light, and Hawaii was my light.

This island generously gave me the reminder to look within, and always take care of your own land. And for that, I will always be grateful. Mahalo.



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