4 Instagrammers Putting the ‘Fun’ Back in Funky

I think we’ve all come across that modern day Instagrammer who’s style reminded us of the 70s or 80s girl we all wish we could be. The fun colors, patterns galore, and of course the classic, denim. Reminding us of the many trends that are being ‘brought back to life’, while also making us question why they ever even left.

Instagram has now become the ‘it’ spot for some groovy inspiration. And just in time for spring and summer, these four Instagrammers are definitely inspiring us:


Photo Courtesy of: @rosyesarte


Constantly adding color to every outfit, even if it’s just with one of her classic crop tops, or some colored-denim jeans to top off a look. You’ll always see her sticking to her vintage wear, while making it look trendy and new. Followers can also look forward to features of her short-heeled collection of boots when coming across her posts.


Photo Courtesy of: @theparaluman_


Patterns, patterns, patterns! From the coolest shapes to wavy stripes, and once again, COLOR in all her attire, she is a queen of patterns. You’ll even notice her love of designs within the detailing of her jewelry and super ‘fetch’ manicures. Her style and Instagram surely display the definition of what ‘fun’ is.


Photo Courtesy of: @anavalq


With her handpicked thrifts, she never misses. From post to post, she shows her followers that preloved items don’t necessarily mean your grandpa’s old favorite sweater. Instead, she rocks such things as slip-on tops, midi-skirts, and the ever so popular floral dresses.


Photo Courtesy of: @selery.stick


Last but certainly not least, this Instagrammer always has a good time when rummaging through her closet. Mixing colors and patterns on a daily basis, making it exciting for everyone when she decides to share her #ootd. Her hip fits are bound to put anyone in a better mood.


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