Daunte Wright and the Recent Outbreak of Protests

Photograph features protesters displaying murals in mourn of Daunte Wright, Photo Courtesy of Tumblr Images

Days have gone since the most recent shooting of another Black man, Daunte Wright. April 11, Wright had been pulled over by Brooklyn Center police, where officer Kim Potter later shot and killed him, just after a call to his mother. With the discovery of this breaking news, protestors have gathered throughout Brooklyn Center, Minneapolis seeking equity and hope.

Photograph features Brooklyn Center police troops, Photo Courtesy of Tumblr Imges
Photograph features protestors for Daunte Wright, Photo Courtesy of Tumblr Images

Night after night, groups have retreated to different areas of Brooklyn Center facing off with heavily armed police troops. Throughout each night, events of protestors being tear gassed, shot with rubber bullets and arrested, has become a consistent occurrence in the streets. All while the city has now decided to put in effect a new curfew of 10 p.m.

It’s now been five days since Wright’s killing, and protestors have shifted their direction to the Brooklyn Center Police Department after the unveiling news of officer Potter being charged with second-degree manslaughter on Wednesday. This latest killing is not only just several miles away from where the Derek Chauvin trial is taking place (which involves the death of George Floyd), but this death has become another addition to the many Black men and women being murdered and reaching headlines. Where again, thousands and thousands of protestors have assembled afterwards striving for one cause, justice.

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