How Soieli Transfigured Everyday Hair Accessories Into Art

‘Lost in Giverny’ hair slip, Photo Courtesy of Soieli

‘Born out of a personal inconvenience’, Soieli graces the heads of women all over with its elegant hair accessories. Blooming out of West Village, New York City, creator Sonali Karmarkar discusses how Soieli was designed to eliminate the ‘little black band’. “This little black band is that generic black hair tie that I realized so many women like myself wore as armour” Karmarkar shares. “Soieli began as a pursuit to eradicate the little black band and design hair accessories that are as beautiful as jewelry”.

Developing from two French words, soie (meaning silk) and soleil (meaning sun), Karmarkar says these two meanings represent the brand’s mission clearly, “to bring light into people’s lives through one-of-a-kind silk pieces”.

‘Gold Water’ hair slip, Photo Courtesy of Soieli
Fleurs in the Wildwrap headband, Photo Courtesy of Soieli

“Hair accessories are so personal to a woman’s routine”

Sonali’s perspective on hair care exhibits how the brand elevates its items to something so divergent. “I wanted to create a beautiful, personal piece that women could integrate into their daily looks to empower them to take on the world” she says. Their items are unlike any other. Karmarkar also takes the time to acknowledge the health of women’s hair, especially for women of color. Her hair accessories have become an aid in eradicating those annoying strands that so often pull out with that ‘little black band’.  

Karmarkar manages this anti-breakage goal by making her accessories with a fabric that maintains a “tighter molecular structure”, silk. “Given our mission to minimize hair breakage from the start, silk was the natural choice for its abilities to promote better hair health” she states. For Soieli’s clientele, they can expect consistent hydration and less friction when wearing their authentic mulberry and charmeuse silk hair accessories. For those not aware, mulberry silk is “a high quality silk that is 100% natural and hypoallergenic” while charmeuse is a term that describes “a type of weaving style for silk”.

Featured is Sonali Karmarkar, creator of Soieli. Photo Courtesy of Soieli

“Our products are very much produced like individual pieces of art”

Production for Soieli is gently and slowly curated. The brand works with local manufacturers to produce each item, and afterwards details their accessories with handcrafted paintings inspired “by the impressionist art era, mixed with modern street art”, giving ‘1:1 attention’ to each and every item. Karmarkar adds that certain items are even directly inspired by specific artists such as the ‘Lost in Giverny’ hair slip that is inspired by work of Monet, specifically during his time in Giverny, hence the catchy name. 

‘Lost in Giverny’ hair slip, Photo Courtesy of Soieli

Karmarkar also hails from an art background, which has built the creative foundation for Soieli. “I come from a family of artists, and I’ve grown up painting all my life and surrounded by art” Karmarkar shares. Reminiscing on past memories, she also conveys observing the connection between people and art during trips to her family’s museum near Mumbai.

‘Lost in Giverny’ hair slip, and ‘Golden Jetset Comb’, Photo Courtesy of Soieli
‘Gold Water’ hair slip, and Golden Jetset Comb’, Photo Courtesy of Soieli

Continuously grateful for the community she has built, Karmarkar continues to prove that Soieli is committed to making wearers feel their most confident and beautiful. “I hope our hair accessory allows them to feel beautiful no matter where they’re going or what they’re trying to accomplish” she mentions. “To give them that confidence to conquer the world”.

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