Redefining Streetwear, Followers Show Us How it’s Done

From left to right: Randi Greskowiak ( @randigrz ), Josué Villicaña ( @villicanjosue ), Denise Arispe ( @imda_ ), and Brandon Matos ( @brandonxlevi )

Tracing back several decades, the rise of streetwear became evident in the 80s and 90s from major brands like Stussy, Bape, and Nike. Demonstrating that baggy clothes and straight out-the-box sneakers are just enough to complete an outfit, ‘fresh and clean’.

Streetwear showcases how everyday looks can be elevated while also relaxed. From hoodies to sweats, bucket hats and totes, streetwear reshapes your favorite thrifts and high-end picks.

This classic style of dressing also dismantles barriers of ‘gender roles’ in clothing. Those enthused with streetwear adorn the streets in whatever they want, however they want. The idea of “he” or “she” disintegrates in streetwear, making it even more admirable.

Photo Courtesy of Josué Villicaña ( @villicanajosue )

Followers of SPICE magazine make-up a portion of the trend setting community and exhibit several different styles of streetwear. Josué Villicaña shares that streetwear represents “casual wear with a soft touch”. Villicaña always displays this throughout Instagram from post to post. Creating these ‘soft touch, casual looks’ with a mix of pastels, neutrals, and everyone’s favorite, black.

Photo Courtesy of Denise Arispe ( @imda_ )

Denise Arispe leaves her Instagram followers always searching for more. Throughout her Instagram page, you’ll notice that she loves to add some streetwear favorites, like totes and beanies, and of course some great shoe wear. “It symbolizes self-expression” Arispe states on streetwear, “You can make it whatever you want it to be, I showcase my art”. Her individuality exposes a streetwear style that is the epitome of ‘cool’.

Photo Courtesy of Brandon Matos ( @brandonxlevi )

Displaying kicky outfits on a consistent basis throughout the streets of NYC, Brandon Matos is another streetwear figure to watch on Instagram. Matos possesses the touch to find some unique clothing pieces that make up his streetwear manner. “To me streetwear is fluidity and individuality.” Matos shares “There have been so many brands and influencers continuously breaking barriers and societal norms. It’s important as creatives to see that representation and constantly seeing the bar set higher.”

Photo Courtesy of Randi Grzeskowiak ( @randigrz )

Randi Grzeskowiak embraces the culture of streetwear gracefully. Grzeskowiak has a style that involves both classic and modern streetwear features that makes her attire stand out. “To me streetwear represents a casual, effortless style. Comfort over everything.” Grzeskowiak says. She has built an Instagram that focuses on her simplistic, yet creative style, and is influencing followers daily.

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