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After meeting at a non-profit, Hannah Ferguson, CATHERINE STUBBS, and Kristin Perissinotto collaborated in creating the dauntless media corporation Cheek Media Co., around June of 2020. From the very beginning, they strived to maintain the status of becoming a media outlet unlike any other. Tastefully becoming a voice of reason for their supporters. “As we watched the media industry suffer substantial losses with the fall of major progressive news outlets throughout last year, we saw a distinct gap in the media market” states HANNAH FERGUSON.

As the media platform continuously grows, they have unveiled several ways of expanding their message. “Beyond print and digital, and into the ears of listeners” ADDS FERGUSON. ‘The Weekly Cheek’ podcast is JUST ONE AVENUE THIS MEDIA COMPANY USES TO CONNECT WITH LISTENERS.

Photo Courtesy of Cheek Media Co. featuring Kristin Perissinotto and Hannah Ferguson of Cheek

When tuning in, you can expect to hear the voices of Ferguson and Perissinotto discussing a wide range of topics THAT INTERSECT WITH POLITICS. mANAGING to make all sorts of ideas and thoughts more approachable and understanding. “Listeners should expect digestible breakdowns and sad comedic attempts” includes FERGUSON. in the future, CHEEK HAS PLANS TO PRODUCE MORE PODCASTS.

“When Cheek was formed, we didn’t predict our audience and engagement to grow primarily from our political material” shares FERGUSON “We believed our company would find it’s popularity through popular culture content, and we have already been proven wrong – and that’s exciting”.

They rapidly learned that perceptions of world matters seen through the eyes of Gen-Z and millennials have been quite underestimated and ignored. Cheek ‘opens the floor’ for these groups to be heard, seen, and expressed.


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“Our purpose and missions is not geared towards journalism exclusively for women, but it is natural for our primary audience to be our own demographic: young, progressive women” explains FERGUSON.

Consistently ensuring a balance of ‘informative and comedic’ content, followers can always expect a honest outlook from Cheek. “Stimulate, engage, and entertain through authentic stories, writing, and experiences” shares FERGUSON. CHEEK HAS A GOAL OF continuING TO BE a company with high quality, diverse MATERIAL. 

whether you choose to listen to their podcast or read written pieces throughout the site, or Instagram, Cheek holds a place for everyone. Actively including writers and stories to offer followers the latest of what’s occurring globally, or LOCALLY. “Cheek is where you come to understand an issue you’ve seen 467 people post about on Instagram, but still don’t quite understand” SAYS FERGUSON. The media platform serves as the ‘companion’ that we all need. 

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