The ability to self-express is one of the main features clothing does so well for many of us. Seeing ourselves as one character to another, fashion gives us the opportunity to be much more, while also being ourselves.

Discovering the art behind the cloth is something not everyone endeavors in. Going beyond just wearing clothes, but truly uncovering the sense of the fabrics that touch our skin. Knowing that these pieces are much more significant than what we see at first glance, rather they tell a story of their own, while also starting a new one with us. Simply wearing our “favorite” outfit is like a narrative.

Anticipation for the consistent new ideas forming from fashion makes it endlessly enjoyable for so many. This industry has the range to create and develop so much, in countless disparate ways. It all seems surreal at times. Knowing there is constantly a style for everyone.

Photo Courtesy of Jordan Ross of SPICE magazine

Even from person to person, regardless of their own personal persona and approach to fashion, it’s easy to feel inspired by another’s. Such things as seeing someone where a “normal” garment and confidently changing it into something more, is another factor into how fascinating fashion can be. making it your own, and also influencing others.

The variety of the fashion industry is nearly impossible to keep track of. Trying to indulge in every high-end runway show, reading up on the latest trends, or visiting the shops to see what collections are displayed out, along with so much more, there’s so much to see in the fashion world. This form of art never fails to surge.

So, whether it’s learning to appreciate your own personal closet or what you see on the streets, knowing fashion is also knowing that’s it’s much more than just wanting to look good. It’s all about truly admiring the details of your attire, knowing why you’re wearing it, and how the pieces make you feel, inside and out.

Video Courtesy of Jordan Ross of SPICE magazine

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